The Sacraments

The sacraments serve as outward, visible signs of God’s invisible working in us and in the world.


Water is the visible symbol that God has cleansed us of our sins through Jesus’ blood. Baptism is the physical sign that God adopts us into his family. It signifies entrance both into the wider church and into the community of a congregation. Baptism signifies and seals God’s covenant of grace with us and our children – demonstrating that we are saved for eternity through his love. Baptism is open to all ages.

Holy Communion

Just as baptism is the sign and seal of our belonging to God’s family, so the Lord’s Supper nourishes and strengthens our faith. Following Jesus’ example and instruction, when the church celebrates the Lord’s Supper we share the bread and wine* with each other as a sign of remembering¬† Christ’s sacrifice and experiencing the presence of Jesus with us today and in the future.

Glen Reformed Church celebrates Holy Communion on a regular basis the first Sunday of each month. All who are baptised and believe in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior are invited to partake in the Lord’s Supper.

*Grape juice is substituted for wine, while bread – not wafers – is used.